Will I Grow Taller?

Probably the first question we get in any group we run.

“Will I grow taller?”

how tall will I be

There are so many deciding factors to predict whether or not you’ll continue to grow.
A lot of the deciding factors for your height are based on genetics.

And that’s what most people settle for.
Letting dumb luck decide that much of their life for them.

But what if you want to take it into your own hands?

40-20% of your growth (the exact percentage depends on the individual) isn’t based on your genes. It’s based on YOU.

If you’re maximising your environmental factors you can add at least a few inches to your height. The earlier you start the better but it can work for anyone.

If we assume you don’t do anything to improve your height?

The majority of your natural growth is finished by age 16. A lot of people will reach their maximum age by this point. If you’re lucky you’ll see a little more growth before your growth plates seal up (around 25 for guys or 18 for girls).

So you cross your fingers and hope you keep growing (most won’t).

Or do you do something about it?
When we are deciding whether or not to coach someone in person we would ask ourselves if they’re going to do the work to change their height. We compared them to people we knew – Ben and Pete.

But here you have to ask yourself that question.

… Are you a Pete or a Ben?

Really the answer to whether or not you’ll grow taller is if you’re willing to do something about it or not.

If you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping then look at your parents. This can give you a rough idea

For girls: (Fathers height – 5 inches) + mothers height then half the result.
For guys: (Mothers height + 5 inches) + fathers height and half the result.

Unhappy with the answer or want to make sure you make it that far?

Click here to make sure you grow…

Will I grow taller

You can absolutely grow taller than your parents. They might not be any kind of indication for your own height but they can usually at least give a general idea. You can’t really put a lot of stock into it though.

You can get the “tall gene” from your parents but hopefully, you also had an active childhood since that’ll help get the growth hormones going. If you’ve already finished puberty and you’ve seen your main growth spurt (maybe you didn’t even have one) then you’re not likely to grow much more outside of external factors.

And there are a lot of external factors which can play a role. There’s the downright crazy surgery to the almost as insane pills and supplements but then there’s the actually useful stuff like learning the proper stretches to grow taller.

The sooner you start making changes the better your chances of getting good results. Don’t let yourself get too wound up over it though – stress will lower your HGH levels which is kind of the opposite of what we’re going for.

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