Woman Undergoes Surgery To Increase Height

Grow Taller

A woman undergoes surgery to gain height.

A woman has undergone painful surgeries to lengthen her arms and legs.

Tiffanie DiDonato, age 32, was born with a condition known as diastrophic dysplasia, which causes the person to have shorter limbs, while the rest of their body is of average proportion.

She had the controversial surgery as a child, where her bones were broken and positioned to regrow longer than before.

The recommended limit for height extension is 4 inches, but she decided at age 15 to undergo additional surgery, which made her a total of 14 inches taller. Limb-lengthening surgery, by contrast, does not address any medical condition. ”

DiDonate is now married, and can do all the things that she yearned to be capable of doing, but was unable to before the surgery, like cooking on the stove, or driving a car.

What do you think of this woman’s decision to have body lengthening surgery?

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