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Grow Taller

we age, our spine starts to shrink and we want to make it stronger with the back muscles. Learn about yoga poses that increase height with help from the founder and creator of Rina Yoga in this video clip.

Expert: Rina Jakubowicz
Filmmaker: Jeff Goodey

Series Description: When taking a yoga class for the first time or the five hundredth time, you’re still going to need to keep a large number of important things in mind. Get tips on yoga classes, comfort and poses with help from the founder and creator of Rina Yoga in this video series..

hi I’m Rena jacuz Boyd’s and I’m goingto teach you about yoga poses thatincrease height the reason this isimportant is that as we age our spinestarts to shrink and we want to make itstronger with the back muscles so joinme in learning about these poses so yogaposes to increase height now I love thistopic because I myself am verticallychallenged so people think I’m tallerthan I am just because of my posture sowe learned how to standing straight into.Samus ttohi which your feet are togetheryou’re pushing the feet into the floorthe crown of the head is reaching up andyou’re engaging your back muscles inyour core now this you want to be ableto walk in and be able to stand likethis another pose that you would want topractice is your tree pose diksha sanawhere you would be standing on one legyou’d lift up the other leg and press itinto the inner thigh you push that footinto the floor the crown of the headreaches up and you’re creating againthat elongation of the spine that is soimportant to make yourself taller andstrongeryou. .

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