Yuneec Typhoon H, How To Increase Height Limit. Presented By: Bluerc

Grow Taller

This video will demonstrate, in detail, how to increase the height limit of your Typhoon H, that will allow your Typhoon to fly higher than 400ft. FAA guideline restricts drone flight to no higher than 400ft, so please fly responsibly.

hello everyone we are back from blue RCtoday we’re going to be looking at howto change the height limit restrictionon the typhoon H now before we getstarted I do want to say please flyresponsibly as we know TFA guideline asof today is still 400 feettoday is June 12 2016 and we aremandated by the FAA to fly under a 400foot ceiling as well as other guidelinesthat you can find on the FAA website so.I have to mention please fly responsiblythere is a way to change the heightlimit on a typhoon H we’re going to belooking at that today I’m going to showyou how to do it but please make sureyou follow the FAA guidelines as well asyour local laws and ordinances beforeyou can do the update the first thingyou want to do is you want to get on theunique website and download the GUI orgraphic user interface so go to WWE commforward slash firmware forward slash diefoam dash h that’s going to bring you tothis page where you can download thecurrent typhoon h firmware as well asthe GUI down at the bottom of the pagewe see the orange logo that’s our GUI ispretty self explanatory download andinstallation is straightforward once youhave that in your computer go to thefile and let’s open up the GUIwe’re going to say yes to that and wewill see this screen with a set ofinstructions on itit’s going to ask you to use a USB cableso we have a USB cable here with uslet’s go ahead and power on the typhoon. Hshows you a little graph graphic hereshowing you where the port the micro. USBport is on the typhoon edge let’s take alook at that we have our typhoon H onthe table let’s look at the bottomthere’s the port and we have our cableconnected let’s go ahead and connect theother end to our computer okay lookslike the software immediately recognizeour typhoon H you can see some of theparameters here speed and motor speedcontroller status battery voltage sexualaround our gyroscope compass and yourpressure sensor this is what we’relooking forhere’s your geofence the current valueshere are the default values out of theboxyour geofence only works when you haveyour typhoon in smart mode I personallydon’t use geofence so we’re going toleave that one alone that’s currentlyset to 91 now this is in meters it’stelling us that we can set it anywherefrom 20 to 25 hundred meters here’s theheight limit down in the second line theheight limit can be set anywhere from 20to 1,000 meters by default it’s set at122 meters which should equal out justabout 400 feet this is where the heightrestriction comes from it is built intothe software from the factory that thetyphoon H cannot fly above 122 metersnow if you want to raise that up say youwant to make it 800 feetwe’re going to go ahead and double it so122 we’re gonna make that 244there we are we set it at 244 and we’regoing to hit update here’s a pop upmessage do you want to modify the heightlimit we’re going to say yesand there we are now we look at thecurrent value and it is now set at 244meters which should equal out just about800 feet once you set the height limitto your desired value we’re going towant to go to the file don’t just pullthe cable out we have to do it properlyso let’s go ahead and go to file anddisconnect that is going to disconnectthe software from the typhoon there wego now we can disconnect our cable andwe’re going to power down our typhoonand that’s it guys we’ve just changedthe height restriction that typhoon Hwe’ve doubled it from 400 to 800 feet. I’m going to tell you once again pleasefollow your local laws and ordinances aswell as the FAA guidelines fly safe andhave fun until next time. .

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